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shutterstock_54277999Eye care services in Denver and Lone Tree can be best achieved through the “hands on” services of Dr. Alan Margolis of Margolis Vision.   Dr. Margolis is a board certified ophthalmologist that is dedicated in helping every patient to achieve the optimum desired vision.  He makes sure that he is personally involved in each and every step or phase of any eye surgery and procedure.  Patients feel comfortable in the presence of Dr. Margolis both before and after their surgery.  He sees to it that all the correct procedures are followed precisely and accurately.

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Ocular Surface Optimization

Ocular Surface Dysfunction refers to the disorder of the integrity of the ocular surface.  A good quality refractive surface of the eye must be composed of the ocular surface, tear film, lacrimal glands and the eyelids.  All of these functional units must be in good running condition to resist injury and protect the eye itself. Any event that disturbs any of these functional units can result in an ocular surface disease.  Dry eye syndrome is one of the ocular surface diseases and is an inflammatory disorder.   It is the result in the inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva.  Because of our understanding of dry eye as an inflammatory disorder, each patient is extensively screened for ocular surface dysfunction.

Ocular Surface Optimization is one of the unique eye care services offered by Dr. Alan Margolis of Margolis vision.  Comprehensive screening for any ocular surface dysfunction before a refractive surgery will detect a pre-existing condition of the eye.  The surgical incisions may cause dryness in the eye of the patient but a lingering dry eye that is pre-existing may negate it and surgery itself is not the main cause.

State of the Art Technology

Margolis Vision believes that a high quality standard of care can be achieved through facilities geared with modern state of the art technology.  A comprehensive array of services in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere awaits every patient of Dr. Alan Margolis along with his highly trained support staff.  Margolis Vision is very accessible in its location in Lone Tree, Colorado.

  • Skyridge ASC:

    Skyridge Ambulatory Surgery Center in Lone Tree Colorado is a facility fully equipped with state of the art surgical suites and equipment that helps every patient feel comfortable and confident.  Patients will find this facility more convenient and easier to navigate compared to a hospital.

  • Lincoln Surgery Center:

    Lincoln Surgery Center in Denver is a great facility for any ambulatory surgery or outpatient services.  It is fully equipped with a technologically advanced facility that includes beautiful extended-care rooms.  Patients will feel at home with its warm and comfortable setting.

  • ORA:

    The Optiwave Refractive Analysis is a breakthrough in modern eye surgery.  This new technology tool enables the surgeons to have a real time analysis of your eye during a surgery.  Margolis Vision can customize the patient’s vision through this measurement tool in cataract or refractive surgery.  Patients will receive the best possible results towards an increase in accuracy and better vision outcome.

  • LenSx:

    Patients can reclaim their vision through LenSx laser assisted eye surgery.  It is the best option compared to the traditional one.  Cataract surgery procedures at Margolis Vision can be done through LenSx with more predictable and precise results.  This laser precision tool is unique since it can automate certain steps of the surgery procedure and maps your eye in a cataract surgery.  Surgeons such as Dr. Alan Margolis can now deliver a precisely accurate eye surgery with this right tool and will generally benefit to patients of refractive surgeries.

  • Visx Star S4 Excimer Laser:

    Visx Star S4 Excimer Laser is the latest excimer laser system advancement available at Margolis Vision laser eye surgery today.  Surgeons prefer to use this type of laser to perform laser vision correction surgery because it offers fast treatments.  They can program the patient’s information into a computer that controls the laser and an auto-centering eye tracking system aids the eye surgery.  The Visx Star S4 Excimer Laser produces a cool beam of ultraviolet light and it removes the precise amount of the tissue in the cornea through a series of rapid pulses.  Patients need not worry since this type of laser does not penetrate and harm or disturb the structure of the eyes.  This type of new tool enhances comfort to both the patient and the surgeon.  Thus, achieving a better eye surgery for better vision results.

  • Intralase Femtosecond Flap Maker:

    Laser eye surgery today can be performed by surgeons with an Intralase Femtosecond Laser to create bladeless flaps of the surgery.  Traditional eye surgery performed through metal blades can create incomplete flaps and setbacks that can cause vision threatening scars.  Margolis Vision can now perform a bladeless eye surgery through an Intralase Femtosecond Laser to create accurately centered and dimensionally programmed flaps.  Patients can now have superior outcomes and better quality of vision through this Intralase Femtosecond Flap Maker available at Margolis Vision.

Dedicated Eye Team

Margolis Vision is composed of a dedicated eye team that has worked together for the past 5 years.  Dr. Alan Margolis, together with his very efficient and friendly support staff, are experienced and knowledgeable in the chosen field.  Patients need not worry about their vision care while they are at the caring hand of this dedicated team.

Solid Network

Margolis Vision is composed of a solid network of subspecialist colleagues devoted to patient care and problem solving. We believe that through our interlocking connections with our fellow colleagues in ophthalmology, we can grow together over our sharing of ideas, knowledge, experiences and services.  We highly value our patient’s desire and we aim to provide them with our array of services for optimum satisfaction.  Together as a solid network, we can provide our services comprehensively and efficiently.

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