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orthok-lensOrthokeratology (Ortho-K) is a non-surgical option to change the shape of the cornea of the eye to minimize nearsightedness and astigmatism. This highly effective treatment is attained by using a custom designed contact lens to gently flatten the cornea while sleeping. Once the contact lens is taken out, following waking, the cornea keeps its molded shape and makes it possible for clear eyesight without having contacts or glasses during the day. The process functions much like how braces realign crooked teeth. It is important to utilize these reshaping contact lenses every night to preserve the desired corneal shape for best possible eye-sight. Unlike LASIK, the corneal reshaping effect of orthokeratology is temporary, and this is a comforting aspect for many patients.

Together with innovative modern technology in improved lens style and lens material, the FDA has given the endorsement in 2002 for the treatment of nearsightedness and astigmatism for individuals of all age groups. It can be particularly appealing for those with physical lifestyles, including sports athletes, and swimmers due to the independence from eyeglasses or daytime lenses.

For anyone who is nearsighted and would like to function without wearing glasses or contact lenses, but do not meet the criteria, or may not have a preference for laser treatments, Ortho-K could be the ideal solution. Please call 303-797-1150 to arrange a visit with Dr. Margolis to determine if you may be a good candidate.

Nearsighted Management in Youngsters

Probably the most impressive information in the Ortho-K marketplace is the developing research for nearsighted management in maturing youngsters. Numerous longitudinal scientific studies carried out around the globe have demonstrated the encouraging function of Ortho-K in managing nearsighted acceleration in children. With the prospects of stopping myopia advancement, we strongly suggest Ortho-K for any young children experiencing an acceleration in nearsightedness, especially if either parent is extremely nearsighted. 

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Scleral Lenses in Lone Tree

Scleral lenses are considered specialty lenses because they fit on the eye unlike any other contact lens on the market. The traditional GP or “oxygen permeable” rigid contact lens fits on the eye in such a way that it rests directly on the corneal surface. In some patients this causes lens discomfort and limited wearability. The scleral lens fits on the eye and completely vaults over the cornea. It rests on the white part of the eye aiding in improved patient comfort.

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An additional benefit of scleral lenses is that they can be used for patients with otherwise difficult prescriptions or irregular corneas such as keratoconus. When the scleral lens vaults over the cornea, it acts as a new smooth surface for the patient to view through. The underlying irregular surface will no longer impact the patient’s visual clarity when fit with a scleral lens.

Lastly, Scleral lenses can be a very a useful tool in combating dry eye symptoms. A tear reservoir is created in the vault between the lens and the eye. These tears bathe the eye in moisture throughout the entire day when wearing scleral lenses. When the eye has more access to moisture from tears, dry eye symptoms will most likely subside.

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