The Margolis Approach

Lone Tree, Castle Rock, & the Greater Denver Area

all-about-dry-eye-forumMargolis Vision believes in their unique approach with finding the right treatments for each patient with dry eye in Denver and Lone Tree.  Dr. Alan Margolis, with his support staff, will execute a comprehensive vision examination and diagnosis.  The patient’s medical and vision health history will be thoroughly taken into deliberation to arrive at the appropriate treatment plan.  Margolis Vision will establish a standard of care to completely evaluate and assess the patient’s dry eye condition with the added advantage of sophisticated Tearlab technology.  The Margolis team can create a customized plan for each patient according to their accurate findings by taking into account the root cause and respective case of dry eye disease.  Proper monitoring with the patient’s progress of the recommended dry eye treatment plan will be taken care of every step of the way.

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Upcoming Developments in Dry Eye

Today, dry eye syndrome rates are rising and it has become a major concern for ophthalmologists. Because of their concern, there is an increasing awareness to companies on drug development.  Ophthalmologists believe that the underlying cause of dry eye disease is inflammation.  Inflammation stirs great interest to pharmaceuticals and they target this specific area in research and development in order to manage the dry eye disease effectively.  Research and innovation are underway that will help patients who suffer from dry eye disease toward improved diagnostic procedures and treatments.

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