LenSx Laser Cataract Procedure

Lone Tree, Castle Rock, & the Greater Denver Area

Margolis Vision is always looking to improve the services that we offer to our patients in Lone Tree in CO.  We are now offering LenSx Laser Cataract Procedure, which is the latest technological breakthrough in cataract surgery.  The LenSx Laser System is the first ever femtosecond laser that can be used for cataract surgery.  This now brings the image-guided precision of computers to refractive procedures.

                                              "I feel extremely comfortable and secure being under Dr. Margolis’ care. Not only is Dr. Margolis extremely knowledgeable and thorough, but his staff is enjoyable to be around. They all have a great attitude and were helpful the whole time. When I went to have my cataract surgery, I was fortunate enough to have the LenSx laser make my incisions. It was much less invasive, it made smaller incisions and the healing time was extremely quick. Using the laser enabled Dr. Margolis to position my lens precisely how it should be. I am now seeing much better and am very pleased with the results." -Eugene M.


The LenSx Laser System uses a 3-D platform that helps surgeons customize and visualize each of the steps during a cataract surgery and aids us in performing and overcoming challenges in cataract surgery such as anterior capsulotomy, lens fragmentation, and corneal incisions.  Our success in performing each step of the procedure means better care for our patients at Margolis Vision.

What are the benefits of the LenSx Laser System?

The LenSx Laser System allows surgeons to perform cataract surgery with precision.   Some of the advantages using this procedure include focusing or centering the capsulorhexis precisely and determining the diameter and depth of the anterior capsulotomy during Anterior Capsulotomy. The LenSx system can also effectively dissect the segments of the lens during lens fragmentation for efficient removal and to facilitate setting a lens fragmentation pattern. Additionally, in making primary and secondary incisions, we can customize the degree at which each incision is made as well as its orientation.

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Using the LenSx system involves the use of a computer-guided laser performing the incision.  Traditionally, cataract surgery uses a blade, which leaves room for errors and can have various limitations.  When the laser system is used, it can create perfect interlocking incisions that can promote better healing. Our patients now have the option to have a computer-controlled and bladeless laser perform the critical steps of the procedure.  This system also guarantees a precisely centered and perfectly shaped incision.  The LenSx Laser System also softens the cataract, facilitating its easy removal.  Because it guarantees a precise incision to be made, a new lens can be inserted which could mean improved vision for our patients.  The LenSx Laser System will soon be the standard in laser cataract surgery and we highly recommend this method to our patients here at Margolis Vision.

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