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LASIK is definitely a fascinating surgical treatment which enhances eyesight in only minutes. LASIK enhances eyesight safely and securely by simply re-shaping the cornea to fix nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. Most people delight in 20/20 eyesight or even better following treatment.

Probably the most frequently executed optional surgery in America, LASIK brings together the benefits of 2 advanced technologies: the precision of the excimer laser as well as the advantages of lamellar keratoplasty. It’s safe, exact and extremely successful. Thanks to LASIK, huge numbers of people throughout the world have gotten the wonder of clear eyesight without contact lenses or glasses.

In fact, more than one million of such excimer laser treatments are carried out annually with nominal complications and negative effects. The main distinction between both the treatments is the fact that PRK treats the surface of the cornea while LASIK treats the interior tissue of the cornea. This involves the surgeon to create a protective flap, that’s folded back as the laser is used.

LASIK provides numerous enhancements above some other refractive surgery treatments. Included in this are little if any post-operative pain, immediate eyesight enhancement, as well as the ability to drive or go back to work quickly, sometimes as soon as the following day. Most people will need no corrective eyewear following surgery (even though people over 45 frequently require reading eyeglasses).

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